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A company trading address does not have to be the same as their registered office address. The purpose of a registered office address is to provide Companies House and HMRC with an official address for delivering statutory company mail and legal notices. A registered office must be a full, physical postal address in the same part of the UK in which a limited company or LLP is registered. Therefore, using our registered office address service can be beneficial for owners of small businesses, particularly those who trade from their home address as it prevents their private details being displayed on Companies House registers.  A registered office address can also be useful to business owners who own a UK limited company and live outside of the UK as their company must legally provide a registered office within the UK.

This service is for a Limited Company use only. Only statutory mail from Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs with be handled/forwarded.

All other mail arriving at our address with be returned to sender.

Cost of £50.00 for 6 months service or £80.00 for 12 months service        plus postal deposit of £5.00

If you require us to receive ALL other types of post, then purchase our Business Mail Address Service above that includes your Registered Office Address at no additional cost.

A valuable asset if you are continually travelling around the country and need a secure base to receive your private mail. You may be a prominent professional or public figure concerned that personal mail or documents may not remain confidential if delivered to your residential address. You may be a student concerned that your mail is not secure if delivered to your lodgings.

If required you can receive your mail under a nom de plume to further protect your identity, privacy and security.

Cost of £95 for 6 months service or £175.00 for 12 months service            plus one off registration fee of £35.00 and postal deposit of £30.00





The perfect solution for a new or expanding business requiring a presence in Cannock, Staffordshire or the West Midlands. You may operate your business from home or be based in another part of the country in need of a local presence. Your Watling Chambers Address can be incorporated into your business stationary projecting the right image at an affordable price.

Cost of £95 for 6 months service or £175.00 for 12 months service         

plus one off registration fee of £35.00 and postal deposit of £30.00


01543 572561